NC PSG Practice Act

All RPSGTs in North Carolina MUST be listed with the

NC Medical Board as of January 01, 2012.


Current list of Registered Polysomnographic Technologists with the

North Carolina Medical Board on the link below:

Click Here for List of Registered Polysomnography Technologists


Then click on drop down arrow under

"License Type" and select "Sleep Technologist," then click the green

"Submit Search." You do not need to enter any other field.  This will provide

you the complete list of people who have

listed with the NC Medical Board.)


RPSGT and do not see your name, then you must contact the

North Carolina Medical Board


Please review the information and links listed below.

Very Important Information from the North Carolina Medical Board. Registration began September 15, 2011. Please see the information posted below:

The North Carolina Polysomnography Practice Act will go into effect on January 1, 2012. The Act requires all sleep technologists to have their RPSGT credential and register with the North Carolina State Medical Board.

All Registered Polysomnographic Technologists (RPSGTs) must register with the Medical Board and submit fees before January 01, 2012.

In accordance with the Polysomnography Practice Act, all RPSGTs must register on or before September 01 of each year with the North Carolina Medical Board.  The renewal fee is $50.00 and must be renewed online.  You may renew by followiing the instructions below:

Go to and click on "Renewals" and then click on "Sleep Techs."  You will be prompted for your File ID and DOB (Date of Birth).

If you are a physician, please inform all of your technologists that they must register with the NC Medical Board.  Also, the link to the "Polysomnography Practice Act" is provided:

Click to Read the Polysomnography Practice Act 

Thank you for your cooperation as this is a requirement pursuant to NC General Statutes. (Information provided to the North Carolina Academy of Sleep Medicine by the North Carolina Medical Board)

Update from the North Carolina Medical Board regarding your registration:

Please click the link on the right - "RPSGT Developments" for more information.

Thanks for your cooperation with us and the North Carolina Medical Board !


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